Elephant & Tassel Mobile Phone Decoration

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Week 3 into #madeforourlittleone and this week wasn’t really for our little one but, Happy Mama, Happy Baby isn’t it? LOL

The outcome of this DIY tassel project is nothing like what I planned when I started the idea, the initial plan was just to assemble a tassel and put a wool felt ball next to it which should be easily done in 15min. But when I started making it I was wanting to add a bit more felt sheet components, felt ball reminds me about a circus and I started sketching…  

My first time making a tassel and it’s just amazingly simple! My tassel is made of pastel pink faux leather of 9.5cm length and extends slightly beyond my iPhone X. You can check the steps below for a tutorial.  

The elephant!! My elephant is of 4cm height and 3cm width standing of a 2cm wool felt ball. Isn’t it cute? And since it’s so tiny it literally took my 10min to finish hand sewing it lol  

So here’s everything I used for this Tassel decoration.


  • Paper (for the pattern)
  • Mobile Phone case
  • Pastel Pink Colour Faux leather
  • 100% Wool felt ball
  • DMC thread (Black and Grey)
  • Small volume of toy stuffing
  • Tassel Cap
  • Mobile phone decoration set


  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Super Glue


  1. Make narrow cuts of 5mm along the width of the faux leather, leave 1cm at the top
  2. Roll up the faux leather at the top and apply super glue along (Similar tutorial here) (I prefer super glue as glue gun doesn’t seem to work well with faux leather)
  3. Tuck the faux leather roll into the cap to make the tassel
  4. Braid the tail of elephant using embroidery thread, similar to what Lia is doing here
  5. Cut out the mini elephant pattern
  6. Embroider the elephant eyes
  7. Sew the ears of the elephant then sew the rest of the body with blanket stitch, don’t forget to place the tail!
  8. Stitch the elephant to the felt ball
  9. Hook the tassel and elephant to the mobile phone decoration set

So that’s it! My week 3 mission accomplished and am sooooo happy spending time sewing! Wish you had done something you love this week too!! Happy Sewing!! XOXO

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