Suspender Skirt for Chinese New Year

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And my last Chinese New Year project in 2019 is this red suspender dress!

I made this Little Red Riding Hood Costume for Nana last year for her school’s fairy tale party but just like most of the costume, it was worn once then sit in the wardrobe for the rest of days.

I was always looking for ways to recycle the hood fabric into some everyday wear and since it’s bright red, it would be perfect for Chinese New Year!

The hood fabric is just enough for a skirt and I used the original ruffle for the suspender, Nana is a petite girl (fit 2T pants length but 12M waistline) so it’s a complete custom made to her size. I made the elastic band runs through only the two third of the skirt at the back so it looks a bit more formal yet keeping the flexibility to fit a growing kid.

If you’re looking for tutorials, these are the two similar ones that I found on Pinterest that comes with free pattern:

My first sewing project of the year and I love that I can give this fabric a second life and Nana has something that’s made by Mama for a special occasion!

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