Storytime | Our Christmas Books Collection

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I do book rotations to bring in new topics and vocabularies to our toddler, for example for two weeks our bookshelf will be filled up with mini collections of dinosaurs books and sometimes it could all be Chinese storybooks. Among all these mini collections Christmas is one of my favourites, most of these on my list we have been reading since Nana is just one year old and what I think they are worth owning!

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1. SING-ALONG CHRISTMAS COLLECTION – I first saw this Sing-Along Christmas Collection in a bookstore I was in love with the song list and it turns out to be a big hit in our home this year!! We almost playing this CD throughout the entire December and Jungle Bell and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer are her ABSOLUTE favourite!!

2. NATIVITY FLAP BOOK – We are not a Christian family but I grew up in Christian schools so I want Nana to understand the true meaning of Christmas, which is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I love the vibrant colours and flap details of this Usborne Nativity pop-up book, we have been reading this since last Christmas and I am happy that Nana can recognize the nativity scene and story when we went out.

3. POP-UP CHRISTMAS – I LOVE Pop-up books, we have like 15 pop-up storybooks and they add so much fun to the story time. This Usborne Pop-up Christmas is our pick for Christmas, from snowflakes to Christmas village, from the snowman to elves, we love every single detail of this pop-up books, Nana will go down to peek under the Christmas tree to look for all the ornaments and we will talk through all presents under the tree of who they belong to.

4. MAISY’S CHRISTMAS TREE – We own quite a collection of Maisy Books and Nana knows Maisy and all her friends well, same as other Maisy book this Christmas Tree books help to introduce vocabularies and verbs about Christmas decoration like “Charlie hangs sugar canes on the tree”. This small colourful illustration book is also perfect for toddlers to flip and read on their own, definitely not something a Maisy lover would miss!

5. PICK A PINE TREE – This is our new addition this year, I personally love the illustrations and how the narrative rhyme brings us through the ritual of picking to decorating to a Christmas tree. As Nana grew and her attention span increases we can happily sit together and read along the entire book, learning through new adjectives and nouns. I honestly don’t think Nana can relate the concepts of snowing, pine tree and Christmas yet but it’s still a good bedtime story pick for Christmas!

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