Storytime | Lost and Found: Adèle & Simon in China

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Chinese New Year is coming and Nana’s top read of this week is also a China-related book of “Lost and Found : Adèle & Simon in China“!

The book talks about Adèle and Simon’s trip to China with Uncle Sidney, instead of dialogue the story was told via Adèle’s letter to Mama, each page tells about what’s special in a China city and what Simon lost in that city for little ones to find. In the last page, Adèle will reveal where all those items are!

What we like about the book:

  • Illustrations are absolutely beautiful, it’s just a “WOW” every page we flipped!!
  • Spot the hidden objects! This is a game that Nana plays with Papa since she was 1 and this book is exactly what they love to play;
  • Vocabularies of traditional oriental items, cities of China.

Though it wasn’t too much a story to tell, it’s still fun to look for the lost items in each page of the book and everything else. She has been reading it through the entire week and I just love seeing how much she’s attached to books!

Get your copy at Book Depository

Lost and Found: Adèle & Simon in China

Author: Barbara McClintock

Type: Picture Book, Hardcover

Who it’s for: Age 3 +

What it teaches: Dinosaur (isn’t that obvious? lol) Adjectives, Things in a home

Thanks for dropping by! Check on our Storytime Booklist if you wanted to know what others we are reading!

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