Storytime | If I had a Dinosaur

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There are a few things top of my 2019 new year revolution list and one of them is reading. My target is for myself to read at least 1 book a month (12 in a year) and for Nana to feature one book from her bookshelf every week that we will read together. While my first book of the year is still on its way from Book Depository we are starting Nana’s weekly bookshelf feature with this cute dinosaur book called “If I had a Dinosaur”

We got this book when we were in London last summer, I initially thought Nana won’t be keen on this as she was never a dinosaur lover so I was pleasantly surprised that it ends up become a big hit in our home!

What we like about the book:

  • Rhyming narration! “I do like dogs, I’ve got a cat, A fish is far too wet, Because you see, I really want a different sort of pet” Toddler just LOVE rhyme and we have so much fun reading it loud!
  • Imaginary! The story brings a dinosaur into daily life: park, school, swimming pool, meal, poop (?!) and brushing teeth, that Nana can relate to. She doesn’t have a pet to grow up with but she will finish the book telling me she wants a triceratops as her pet!
  • Illustrations! I love the vibrant colours the illustrator used, the characters are so simple and cute too!
  • Learn about adjectives! The story uses a lot of adjectives to describe the dinosaurs, Nana did master a few new words from the book like “enormous” and was able to relate those to real life. Horray!

The length is just right for Nana at 30 months old, she is still not a dinosaur lover but we still have a lot of fun reading it loud and I am super happy how much she could learn from this little book!

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If I had a Dinosaur

Type: Picture Book, Paper/Hardcover

Who it’s for: Age 2 +

What it teaches: Dinosaur (isn’t that obvious? lol) Adjectives, Things in a home

Thanks for dropping by! Check on our Storytime Booklist if you wanted to know what others we are reading!


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