Storytime | A Perfectly Messed-up Story

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2nd week into our 2019 Reading Challenge and I really want to feature this super messy book!!

Nana and I have weekly library visits and I would just let her randomly pick books from the picture book section. During one of our visits she brought me this book which has a typical children story opening,

“This is Louie’s story. Once Upon a time, little Louie went skipping merrily along. “Tra la la la la,” he sang.”

But when I keep flipping it I was like, seriously why there are stains on the book??!

They look like real stains, dont’t they??!

So the story went on with “somebody” keep messing up Louie’s story, starting from jelly and peanut butter stain, fingerprints, orange juice, crayon drawing to a paper towel, Louie was so frustrated and wanted to give up…but as he gave up, he realized the story can go on despite all the mess “I am still here. You’re still reading…

…it’s still a pretty good story, messes and all”

LOVE this quote so much! I like what Louie told us, despite all the messes, we can always restart into a new chapter and after all, everything will still be fine…I seriously think it means more to me than my little girl lol

We like and laugh through this book so much (coz it’s just every single mess a kid can make at home lol!) we ended up getting a copy of our own!! What we read the story together I will ask conversations like “Is that your fingerprint?” “No, mine is smaller”, “Louie seems upset, what should we do?” “How about a hug”. We have this book for a month and still one of the top hit for bonding time and bedtime story (though it probably will mess up the bedtime lol)!

Get your copy from BookDepository

A Perfectly Messed-Up Story

Author: Patrick McDonnell 

Type: Picture Book, Hardcover

Who it’s for: Age 2 +

What it teaches: Messes, Emotion

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