Recycled Christmas Coaster

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One month away from Christmas and finally I made my time to start working on some Christmas crafting projects! I know I am s-u-p-e-r late on this but hopefully I can still make a few to make my home feels festive!

The first thing I made are these cute coasters! I collected a few cork coasters from a company event (which I believe most of them will be ended up in trash bin anyway) and recycled them and make them into my DIY Christmas coaster set!


  1. Glue white paper on the coaster according to Gretchen’s tutorial here. Apply 3 layers of Mod Podge glue, wait 10 minutes between layers to dry;
  2. Make the cutout with Vinyl. I designed one with “All is Calm, All is Bright” quote myself and another one with Christmas tree line drawing that I found online here;
  3. Place the Vinyl on the coaster and apply one more layer of Mod Podge glue;
  4. Applying 2 layers of Mod Podge before and acrylic sealer.
  5. Wait 24 hours before start using it.

Spent an hour on them (would be faster if I didn’t pick those thin line designs lol) and they are looking great! Time for a drink with hubby XO

(This content contains affiliate links. Disclosure).


  • Cork Coaster
  • White Paper
  • Vinyl (Black and Gold)
  • Mod Podge Waterbase Glue – Matte (Amazon / Spotlight / Artfriend)
  • Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer – Matte (Amazon is NOT shipping this to Singapore as it’s a spray, it’s available also in Spotlight and Artfriend)


Tips & Tricks:

  • Be Patient. Be Patient. Be Patient. Especially when applying the acrylic sealer. Mod Podge glue dries really fast so you can apply a new coat every 10 mins but the sealer takes LOOOOONG to dry. I waited at least 30min apart between layers.
  • I don’t have foam brush on hand but I found a few makeup sponges and I think they worked amazingly well. The watch-out: if you’re working on white paper like what I did, make sure your foam brush or sponge is free of hair and visible dust as they are going to stay on the items;
  • Except for the vinyl all the materials I used are recycled materials (Yes, including the white paper!) but if you want to use scrap materials entirely newspaper could be a good idea, or you could do some cut-out from Christmas DMs that’s sent to your letterbox, I think those will be fun too!!

Thanks for dropping by! Click here if you’re interested in my home decor projects! Drop me a comment to let me know how you think about my work, or follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook. Happy crafting, Happy Parenting! XOXO

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