Rainbow Quiet Book Page

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Colour is one of the popular elements when designing Quiet Book pages, and what can represent colour better than RAINBOW!!

Rainbow page design is quite simple, I first cut out and sew the rainbow and cloud elements, I stuff some filling into the clouds to make them a bit more fluffy and stands out from the 2D design.

Next are the matching colour rain drops. Most of the similar design on Pinterest use velcro to hook the rain drops to their respective colour strap, but all the velcro I brought lock each other too well and Nana started pulling the felt cloth instead to separate them, until she almost tear the felt cloth apart. Searched through my inventory and decided to replace velcro with snap button instead. Nana is too young to master the technique of using snap buttons but she’s happily taking the rain drops down from the rainbow one by one and asking Mama to put it back for her.

I did use sewing machine to sew the rainbow elements, the 2 clouds are simply adhered to the background using glue gun, all the buttons are hand-sewed (probably the most time consuming part of this whole page design).

Took me 3 days (nights after work I mean…) to finish it but it’s completely worth it!! The sun was added based on Papa’s request and it does light up the whole page! It’s one of Nana’s favourite pages (well…there’s only 4 pages for now…) Always a pleasure seeing her enjoying things Mama make, Love You, Sweetie.

Materials I used to make this colourful Rainbow Quiet Book page…

1. One rectangle felt cloth for the background
2. 7 colours of felt cloth for the rainbow (I used leftover from the other projects as I just need a think strap for each colour)
3. White felt cloth for the cloud
4. Snap Buttons 12-14 pcs (decoration only)
5. Wooden colour buttons 10 pcs (decoration only)

Have a look at other colour related Quiet Book page designs here: RainbowColour Palatte

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