Laundry Quiet Book Page

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I am a big advocate of toddler chores, they are at the age when they really want to mimic the adults and by making the chores fun I believe toddler can do a lot than what we could imagine.

Laundry is one the chores that we started “playing” with Nana, it’s easy and safe as it’s basically just a cute pie running between washing machine and laundry rack haha. When Nana started walking at 14 months we started the competition of “who first bring the wet laundry to Papa” to “let’s spin together with the drum” and Nana is just loving it as it makes her feel she’s an adult (well, maybe because our washing machines sings a nice music when finishing the load too lol). So, it makes laundry a must-have page in Nana’s quiet book!

Step 1: Cut out all the components, washing machine, shelving rack, laundry detergents. To add a bit fun and homey I added a electric plug and photo frame to the page.

Step 2: Sew all non-movable parts, for the design of the top panel of the washing machine I referenced to our real machine which has a drawer on the right, a turning knob in the middle and a display panel on the right, the display panel has the time counter so I stitched some number on it too. The knob is slightly turnable by using a button to hold the knob in place. The electrical cable is actually a white string from one my broken necklace coloured black using permanent marker.

Step 3: Make the washing machine door by cutting out 2 rings and sew a transparent film in the middle, I recycled a plastic bag from my shopping trip for it, just look for a strong yet thin one will do the job. Then attach the washing machine door to the drum and add velcro for open and close.

Step 4: Make a few laundry detergent box and bottles, I was a bit random on the design and just decorate with whatever materials left behind (I have a small bag of leftover felt cut out which is perfect for decoration of small items)

Step 5: I printed a few graphic and family photo to put in the photo frame, put the detergents back into the shelving rack and it’s already looking like a laundry corner!

O would a washing machine works without clothes!! I made a dress, a pair of pants, a pair of socks and a shirt for Nana.

Spent 3 nights on this page, I let Nana tried playing with the page and realized it’s too challenge for her to put the detergent bottles and box back to the shelving rack, so I added another transparent plastic sheet to seal off the gap in the rack (you can see an additional sewing line if you compared the last picture with the previous ones). Lesson learnt? Always let your little one trys and interacts with the page and fine-tune accordingly. Every child is unique and yes, they don’t really do things exactly like what we want them to be lol

Materials I used to make this Laundry and Washing Machine Quiet Book page…

  1. One rectangle felt cloth for the background (22cm X 17cm)
  2. Various colours of felt cloths for various components
  3. Plastic film (for the machine door and photo frame, can recycle from packaging materials from our shopping trips)
  4. Button (for the washing machine knob)

If you’re interested in making this quiet book page, feel free to download the pattern here! 

Thanks for dropping by!! Do check here for my other Quiet Book page designs!!


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