Quiet Book Cover

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There are many ways to put Quiet Book pages together to become a book, the one I reference to is this Alice in the Wonderland monochrome design. In her design, pages are brought together using binder rings so it gives you the room to add, remove or change contents any time, I love the fabric she picked, all the Alice characters are so cute while the monochrome make it elegant enough for parents to hold it for their sweeties. I searched through Spotlight but I couldn’t find anything similar so I opted for a slightly more colourful one.

Step 1, Cut the Fabric. I didn’t really measure the fabric, instead I just put the pages into binder rings, lay flat on the fabric, add roughly 1.5cm as border and another 2cm for seam. I cut 2 pieces of the same size to stitch together so the inside and outside are the same in my design.


Step 2. The fabric I picked is quite soft so I added lining/interfacing at the back to make it harder and easier for Nana to flip.

Step 3. Sew one strap of ribbon at the middle of the page (don’t forget to leave space for the binder rings to go through) , then sew the 4 sides together.

Step 4. Cut another strap of ribbon for the tab at the the outside and wrap the end of the tab with the same fabric as the cover.

Step 5. Sew the ribbon to the front of the book such that it wrap around the whole book.

Step 6. Put Velcro at the end of the tab, I used those comes with glue at the back thinking that it would save me the step (and time) to sew, but it ends up that Nana is so strong she destroyed 2 pairs of Velcro and I (finally) had to hand stitch them back (!!)

Step 7. Spent an hour or so and – tada~there it is – my first Quiet Book Cover!! I am not completely happy with it since this is my first time sewing after a long while, but at least it’s doing it’s job to hold the pages together!! I don’t have a lot of pages now so the books does’t look as “contented” as what sherri has, and yup, it’s time to get more pages done!!

So, here’s all the materials I used to make this Quiet Book Cover:

  1. Fabric@Your own choice / Around 0.5m
  2. Interfacing / Around 0.5m
  3. Thick Ribbon / Around 1m
  4. Binder Rings / 2 pcs
  5. Small Velco / 1 Pair
  6. Colour Threads


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