Clothes Line Quiet Book Page

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This is a continuation from my previous washing machine quiet book page and if you search for “quiet book laundry page” in Pinterest this tree and clothes line design will definitely pop up as one of the top search result and that’s where I got all my inspirations!

Step 1: Cut out all the parts of the page, including 2 trees (trunk and crown), sky, grass patch (I used 2 colour tone to add some contrast), as well as the laundry basket

To have the braiding effect of a basket I made some vertical cuts in the basket shape felt, cut two thin straps that matches the shape of the basket so I can braid them through the cuts later.

Step 2: Get started!! Sew the sky, grass patches and the crowns of the trees to the background.

Step 3: Making the clothes line~~Put a string through the hinge of the wooden clothespin and fix the position with glue gun, to make sure the excess glue won’t hinder the spring of the pin, instead of putting the glue through the tiny hole of the spring I applied the glue on the string and push the clothespin in. Once the clothes line is done it can be sewed together with the tree trunk.

Step 4 – The Laundry Basket!! I added some stitch line to my braided basket to make the braids stand out, I then braid them together and sew it to the background and tadah~~it’s almost done!

Step 5: Adding the basket lid~I got some new adhesive magnetic strip and I am using them to hold the lid, for Nana it’s important to make sure there’s always an enclosed pocket for all the loose items in the quiet book so that she can play anytime when we’re on the go.

Step 6: Add some decoration items including a button and some iron on applique that I could find in my inventory and yeah, it’s done honestly I wasn’t completely happy with proportion of the basket lid, I would probably make it a bit shorter if I could do it again…yup, we all learnt through failure ūüėõ

There we go~Our new Clothes line quiet book page!! “Nana, let’s put the dirty clothes into laundry bag~~”

Put it next to my washing machine page, still need to wrap the border but it’s looking good already~

Materials I used to make this Clothesline Quiet Book page…

  1. One rectangle felt cloth for the background (22cm X 17cm)
  2. Different colours of felt cloths for various components
  3. Mini Wooden clothespin (From Daiso)
  4. Magnetic Strip (For sealing the basket)
  5. Iron-on applique (Optional, for decoration only)

Thanks for dropping by, if you’re interested in my pattern and/or the materials I am using to make this page please do let me know!! Happy Sewing~~

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