Rabbit Counting Quiet Book Page

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When designing the counting page I was always thinking it has to have beads element, but when I came across this carrot page on Pinterest I decided to do a carrot counting page instead which will probably look more fun to toddlers who love animals~

Step 1, Carrotssssss! I cut the shape of the carrots and the leaves (2 pieces each), sew the number on one side, added some filling then stitched them together. Took me one night to make 10 of them!!

Step 2, On the page background, I stitched a patch of grass and added the Rabbit on top, the design of rabbit I referred to this on Pinterest. I made the rabbit ears extend beyond the page to add a bit fun to the design. (the rabbit eyes are just “placeholders” at this stage)

Step 3. Making the pockets is probably the most tricky step in this design, as it cannot be entirely flat or it will be very difficult for Nana to slot in the carrot. This is the only step I carefully did my measurement and mark the stitch point to both the bottom and top felt cloth, I added 0.5cm to the top felt cloth to make sure they pop up to give spaces for the carrots.

Step 4. Finish both rows of pockets and decorate the rabbit by adding a pair of doll eyes, and that is~~

Spent 4 nights (roughly an hour each night) on this and it comes at perfect timing as Nana just learnt how to count from 1 to 10! She can’t recognize numbers yet but she can match the shape of the numbers and put them back to the right pocket,

Materials I used to make this Rabbit & Carrot Counting Quiet Book page…

1. One rectangle felt cloth for the background
2. Various colours of felt cloths for the carrots, rabbit, grass patch and the pockets
3. 2 Doll eye buttons (I got them in Daiso)

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