Bear & Honeycomb Quiet Book Page

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It has been a super hectic week at work with extended night callsssss almost throughout the week so just making through the week is already something worth to celebrate yay!! For this week’s #makeforourlittleone I decided to take some time to finish the last few pages of my quiet book that I am halfway done, including these two Bear and Bee pages. Unfortunately, I have been on and off on these 2 pages for almost a month so there isn’t a load of photos of the making of ūüôĀ

Both pages weren’t completely in my quiet book plan until I see Nana putting the sea animal from the¬†Noah Ark page¬†through the binding rings of the quiet book cover so I think it might be a good idea to incorporate threading into one of my newer pages!

Bee & Honeycomb Page

I copied most of the design from this Pinterest post with a few twists, I replaced the magnet for the beehive door to a button with an elastic band and added removable flowers to the top right corner.

All the buttons I used for the page is custom made using this amazingly easy button cover craft kit from Daiso!! All you need to do is pick the fabric, cut it to the right size (they even has a pattern for you to follow!!), assemble the top and bottom of the button using the tool that comes with the set (The small circular thing in the plastic bag). It does take a bit of practice but once you learnt the trick, you can make all these buttons that match any colour and design!

The craft kits come with different sizes and the one I am using is 18mm, I also like the fact that the button doesn’t lay completely flat on the felt sheet, which makes it much easier for my toddler to take the flowers out on their own!

Though felt doesn’t have the problem of hem I stitched around the buttonhole to give extra strength to the felt.

Teddy Bear and Honey Jar page

The design of this page was much inspired by Winnie the Pooh when I visited Disneyland early this year, so on top of a teddy bear with four movable limps, I give my teddy bear a honey jar! And honestly, I think it matches perfectly with my bee & honeycomb page lol

Did my sketch and cut out the different part of the teddy. I used buttons for the moveable limps and it’s the same pattern I used for the bee & honeycomb page.

I used the sewing machine for most of the sewing except the decorative stitches of the honey jar by hand, I just love the touch of hand sewing and would definitely love to do more if I had time!

“Mama, Teddy Bear say Hi!!” #thingsnanasays

The honey jar isn’t just for decoration, it has an opening and a transparent front so the bee from next page can “fly” into the jar for the honey!! (I think I need a smaller bee though lol)

There they are! The new additions to my quiet book family! It’s again a fun process making both of these pages!

Here’s all I used to make these two Bear & Bee Quiet Book pages:


  1. Assorted Colour of Craft and Wool Blended Felt sheets
  2. DIY buttons
  3. Elastic band (for the beehive door)
  4. String (to attach the bee to the beehive)
  5. Transparent book cover (for the honey jar)
  6. Doll eyes
  7. Bee Applique
  8. Matching Colour Threads


  1. Glue gun
  2. Sewing Machine
  3. Needle

Thanks for dropping by! Happy crafting, Happy parenting! XOXO

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