Our Little Chef Apron

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Week 2 into my #MakeForOurLittleOne initiative, it has been a very hectic week at work and home so I am super happy (and proud too!!) that I managed to stick to my plan and finish another long overdue item!!

To Nana, the most fascinating thing in the kitchen is not cooking but washing dishes and plates, it’s just like her daily mini waterplay time and that makes apron a must-have item to keep this little helper from completely wet!

Nana is a petite girl (10 percentile) and she started hanging around the kitchen with me since she’s 18 months so most of the children’s aprons won’t fit on her, I made my first reversible apron for her before (similar design here) and this is my second one. Since I picked canvas material which is quite thick for this new apron so I decided to go with a single-sided design. Nana is 85cm height and this apron is measured at 35.5cm length and 29.5cm width. I bought my woodland print canvas from Spotlight and it’s the same fabric that I used for my little red riding hood costume.

My fabric’s pattern is quite busy so I matched the pattern of the pocket to the apron so it looks neater.

Nana picked a set of animal shape buttons in Spotlight herself and I used one of them to decorate the strap (Photo courtesy of Nana the little Photographer Xoxo).

Nana is happy with her new apron, in particular, the “baa baa sheep button” lol #thingsnanasays

So here’s everything I used for this little chef’s apron. All materials are available at Spotlight.


  • A3 paper (for the pattern)
  • 1/2 metre of Woodland print canvas
  • 2 metre 2.5cm width black cotton strap
  • 1/2 metre 1cm width black ribbon (for the pocket)
  • Interfacing
  • Animal Button
  • Matching colour sewing thread


  • Rotary blade/Scissors
  • Sewing machine


  1. Cut the fabric according to the pattern (35.5cmx29.5cm), leave 2cm for the seam
  2. Sew the curved armpit area according to this post
  3. Sew the top, bottom and two sides of the apron
  4. Switch to thread matching colour of straps and sew the strap for the neck (44cm + 1.5cm seam at each side) and waist (2 Pieces of 51cm + 1.5cm seam at each end)
  5. Sew the decorative ribbon to the top of the pocket (15cmx18cm) and sew the pocket to the apron
  6. Decorate with sheep button and that’s it!

You can also make the neck strap adjustable using elastic band according to this post.

What else do we need to get our little one ready for some cooking fun? I love IKEA’s RÖRT wooden cooking series that comes with a long handle and yay, how about a #madebymama DIY IKEA hack learning tower?

Thanks for dropping by! Happy sewing! XOXO


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