Noah’s Ark Quiet Book Page

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The idea of Quiet Book is to let babies learn through play and zipper is one of the must have items. My inspiration of this Noah’s Ark page comes from here, it’s such a cute design, babies can learn not just how to use zippers, but taking those small animal in and out from the cabin can be so much fun!

The ark’s outline is really easy, but I did add a few touches to the cabin windows and the waves to make them look more “real”. I skipped the rainbow ribbon connecting the cloud as I failed to get one before I finished the page, but it’s really a nice touch if you have the ribbon on hand!

The toughest part of this page are the animals. And yes Noah’s ark is supposed to keep land animals, but since I am planning another page of farm animals I decide to change to sea animals including shark, dolphin, turtle, starfish and fish. Nana learnt the word “shark” when I was playing this page with her, till now shark is still one of her favourite animal!!

Materials I used to make this Noah’s Ark page:

1. One rectangle felt cloth for the background
2. Various colour felt cloth for the ark and the animals
3. Zipper
4. Gooly eyes (I used 6 for my design)

For other zipper related Quiet Book page designs here: Piggy BankMonkey & BananasNoah’s Ark

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