Felt Floral Name Sign

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I bought this wood-alike letter board when I was shopping in Spotlight not knowing what I should do with it (aka impulse purchase lol) and it has been sitting in my storeroom for months already.

When I received my beautiful wool felt two weeks ago the idea came to my mind – why don’t I decorate the letter board with some felt flowers and make it a decorative item in Nana’s room? And thanks for all the genius crafters who generously share their felt flower tutorial online I finally managed to assemble this name sign. I chose some earth tone pastel colour for the flowers and I love the soft feeling that it turns out.

So, here’s the source and reference of all components of this wooden name initial.

  • Wooden (alike) Letter Board (From Spotlight)
  • Different colours of Wool Felt (I got my wool felt from Sweet Mama Jean)
  • Felt Flowers
    • Carnation (Tutorial from Lia Griffith, I made a small twist to the core of the smaller carnation to create a bit of variation)
    • Rose Bud (Tutorial from Lia Griffith, I skipped the flower wire and trim the base so it can stay flat on the board)
    • Rolled Felt Flower (Tutorial from MarrylCraft)
    • Leaves and Dusty Miller (I was a bit random when cutting these, but both Lia Griffith and Something Turquoise has a tutorial on this)
  • Tools
    • Pen and Paper (For sketching of the pattern)
    • Scissors
    • Glue Gun

Nana is turning 23 months today and this name sign becomes a perfect gift to mark this day. It gonna be her last month being one year old and I can’t believe how fast time flies.

Happy 23rd Month, Nana. Papa and Mama love you and every single moment with you….

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