Memory Game Quiet Book Page

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With almost two weeks’ business trip followed by two weeks marathon night callssssss I am suuuuper behind all my #madeforourlittleone projects. But one thing I did and try to keep doing is to give myself back some ME time on things I really love, and that for me, is crafting and sewing. I can make myself proud by just indulging myself in it : )

So I am sticking to my original plan and to finish off my quiet book pages, and this week’s design goes to two Memory Game pages.

These memory game pages are super easy to make, it’s basically just many little rectangles linked up by elastic bands. I did sewing the background wanting to give a bit more fun, though it ends up almost completely covered by the little rectangles lol, it’s any way a great attempt and I am going to do the something similar to my next page!!

The elastic band makes the little rectangles to be flipped over easily by a toddler, and instead of ironing the applique to the boxes I used transparent book cover that I used also in my washing machine and bee pages to create little pockets, this allows me to change the position and applique anytime I want in the future 🙂

I filled pockets with mostly animals that Nana is very familiar with so she can jump into understand how the game works, but blended with a few characters that she starts picking up, it’s always good to blend learning with playing isn’t it?

To Nana memory games obviously doesn’t work like what I/we think lol, she basically just jump in, open up everything and taking things out from the pocket and put them back, but I really LOVE seeing her creativity with every little thing that she has with her, it’s just precious.

Here’s everything I used to make these two memory game pages:


  1. Craft felt for the background
  2. Star patterned stiffened craft felt (18 pieces)
  3. Solid colour craft felt (18 pieces)
  4. Elastic bands (6 Strands)
  5. Transparent book cover
  6. Assorted animal and character applique
  7. Matching colour threads


  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Needle

Am going to give a break to my quiet book project for a few ideas I have for teachers day that I have been really longing to try on….Anyway, thanks for dropping by! Happy crafting, Happy parenting! XOXO

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