Little Red Riding Hood Costume

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I have to confess I don’t know too many princess stories so when Nana’s teachers told me about fairy tale party I immediately think of dressing up Nana as Little Red Riding Hood! Searched in Pinterest and found this post from LeAnn with detail tutorial and even pattern linked to the post, perfect for a first time costume maker!!

Fleece is way too thick for Singapore (isn’t that too obvious lol?!) so I picked up a canvas like fabric in Spotlight, the inner lining of the hood is also from Spotlight which I brought it previously for another project for Nana, but its woodland theme matches so well with little red riding hood so I decided to use that as lining. I followed most of steps in LeAnn’s tutorial except the hem treatment and ruffle. for hem I just use the overlocking function of my sewing machine to save time.

This ruffle took me 2 hours to finish!! As the fabric I picked was quite thick which make it relatively difficult to pull with basting stitch so I decided to make a pleated ruffle, I was a bit random when making the ruffle but I think it still turned out great. These 2 hours are definitely worth to spend, the hood looks sooooooo much better with these ruffles!!

3 hours of work and tadah~Absolutely love how it comes out and I think I enjoyed making it more than my girl enjoyed wearing it around 🙂 Think I will attempt making the whole set next time lol

Thanks for dropping by! Happy Sewing, Happy Parenting XOXO

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