Last Minute Pirate Hat for Pre-school Party

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I am always a very last minute mom, the school informed us about the pirate party one week in advance but I only started planning and working on it the night before! I was looking for easy options and found this pirate hat pattern which looks super cute!!

I made a few tweaks to the project. As I really want to save on fabric and I know Nana probably won’t wear it for the third time, so instead of cutting out from a whole felt sheet, I used a 20CM x 40CM felt sheet for the entire project and make the back piece from 2 cutouts instead of 1, I actually love the stitches at the back!

And how can we forget the pirate skull!! I used Cricut Iron-on for this which is much faster (I started working on this only the day before the party!!), there are plenty of skull designs on Google that can be easily uploaded to Cricut design space, I let Nana picked the colour of the skull and she picked purple, and all I have to do is to set the cutting mat, let the machine do the job and ta-da~~



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