IKEA Hack | LAMPAN x Humpty Dumpty

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My second Ikea hack project after the Toddler Learning Tower!

I have this LAMPAN table lamp from Ikea in Nana’s room for two years and I love that its lightweight but I just feel it’s sort of too white for a nursery and I always want to decorate it with something.

So when I sketched these Humpty Dumpties that I posted on my Instagram for Nana in one of our family dinners I thought, how about putting these cute Humpty Dumpty on the lamp!!


  1. Get the shape of the table lamp by wrapping the lampshade with a piece of A3 paper to outline the shape;
  2. Sketch the Humpty Dumpty within the lamp shade’s outline (I have seen people sketching on iPad which can be used directly as digital output);
  3. Scan the drawing with a scanner and outline it with a brush in Photoshop;
  4. Export the drawing as PNG;
  5. Upload the PNG file to Cricut Design Space, load the vinyl and let Cricut do the cutting;
  6. Weed the unnecessary parts from the cut out;
  7. Transfer the cutout to the lampshade using transfer paper.


  • Ikea LAMPAN Table Lamp
  • Cricut Vinyl (Cocoa)
  • Cricut Transfer sheet


  • Pen & Paper (For sketching)
  • Scanner
  • Photoshop
  • Cricut Explorer Air 2
  • Weeding Tool

Love how fast my Cricut made all these cutouts for me! Sit back, relax, have a sip of coffee and it’s done!!

Thanks for dropping by! Do drop me comment to let me know how you think about my work, or follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook. Happy crafting, Happy Parenting! XOXO

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