I am recently exploring new felt sheet type and these 3mm thick stiffened craft felt sheets are one of them. While these craft felt sheets aren’t as soft as wool or wool blend felt sheets I want to see if they could be great for bags and book cover and I have to say it does turn out great!

I always want to incorporate fox into my felt craft design and most of the designs on Pinterest are brown foxes, but since my felt sheet is orange-brown and I happened to have this heather grey wool felt I made a grey fox instead. Nana’s grandpa and grandma are in town these days, I was managed to get some relief from caring for Nana to spend on sewing and hand sewed the entire fox. Honestly speaking the hand sewing of the fox is BY FAR my favourite part of the project, letting the ears and legs pops out to add a bit character lol

From a practicality standpoint, I added lining and a small pocket in the pouch so I can keep smaller items inside.

The pouch is measured at 15cm x 21cm which is a nice size to keep all the loose stuffs like mosquito repellent patches, plaster, small towels for Nana (yeah I am always over-prepared, you just don’t know when you would need them lol) I always carry an extra pen and some colour pencils in my bag so I can easily keep her entertained anytime 🙂

So here’s everything I used for this fox pouch:

  • 3mm Stiffened craft felt for the main body of the pouch
  • Wool blended felt for the fox
  • Teddy bear eyes (from Daiso)
  • Zipper (From Daiso)
  • Leftover fabric for the lining (From Spotlight, Spotlight always sell leftover fabric at a fraction of the price which I think it’s good for the lining of small items, do check it out it’s located close to the fabric checkout counter)

Thanks for dropping by! Happy crafting! Happy Parenting! XOXO 


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