Felt Floral Thank You Frame

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My token of appreciation to a group of very loving, devoted caregivers who showered Nana with love over the past years.

We are really blessed when it comes to infant care search, hubby did desktop searches before Nana popped out, shortlisted one and only one and arranged a quick visit, I could still remember the day I stepped into the infant care centre and was really impressed by how calm the babies were, so I said to myself, this is the one, we would put our lil girl here.

Nana started her days there since she was just a tiny baby and with all the pouring loves from her beloved teachers, Nana grew from an infant who knows nothing about this world into a little lady with confidence, cheerful and has a loving heart, the caregivers always go on extra miles to make sure every baby’s individual interest is addressed, and that make you feel they are just part of the extended family…it’s amazing seeing how much she grew and I truly believe every single moment of these teachers and caregivers spent on her is making the difference.

There’ll never be a good time to say goodbye to all these lovely memories but for now, so long, farewell, my heartfelt thanks who helped the little mind grows….

Thank you, for being such an important part of our story.

My inspiration of this Thank You Frame came from SunshineandBloom who does amazing felt floral design on all sort of wooden board which I replaced with an Ikea photo frame. Here’s everything I used to make this Thank You Frame:

  1. Wool Blend Felt
  2. Assorted Felt Flower, there are plenty of pattern and instructions available on Pinterest that you could search for, I found this post by Jody that covers some felt flower design which is very helpful;
  3. “Thank You” Felt Cutout, I did the cutout by hand and it’s quite delicate so I put Heat n Bond at the back to make it stiffer;
  4. Background print, tried vases and pot and finally picked a mason jar to go with my flower;
  5. Ikea RIBBA Photo frame, this one give a bit of depth to place the felt flower
  6. Glue gun, I recently bought a cordless glue gun with speed control that’s using 7mm refill and I am absolutely in love with it!! The drawback, just as all cordless devices, is the battery won’t last more than 2hour continuous usage but it works also with the power cord attached so I am super happy with it 🙂

Thanks for dropping by! Happy crafting! XOXO

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