Felt Flower in a Bottle – Sunflower & Anemone

Another felt flower project after my Thank-you Frame and this time is a flower arrangement in a bottle : ) I picked sunflower and anemone as the two centre pieces of the arrangement, which also set the key colour tones as yellow and white.

To match the centre pieces I picked smaller flowers like daisies, lavender, eucalyptus leaves and some random rolled flowers and leaves.

A floral arrangement is probably a bit trickier than the flat frame I made before as I have to make sure everything is nicely fixed on that thin floral wire, glue gun did most of the job but for small flowers like daisies, I used super glue which is easier to control.

I used wool blend felt sheets which give a softer tone and feel to the flowers. I have linked tutorials/inspirations that I referred to when I made these arrangements below. I also like Something Turquoise‘s felt flower tutorial series and it has been one of my key inspirations…



  1. Assorted colours of wool blended felt
  2. Floral wire
  3. Vase/Glass Jar (Mine is upcycled from Starbucks Frappuccino) 


  1. Low-Temperature Glue Gun
  2. Super Glue


So here’s my first attempt on felt flower arrangement…love spending time learning how to make them from scratch, and it’s a great way to remind myself it’s never too late to learn something new…It took me weeks of research to get this done but I think I am really in love with these beauties…time to plan for the next : )

Thanks for dropping by! Happy Crafting! XOXO

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