Double Decker with Finger Puppet Quiet Book Page

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Nana is obsessed with double-decker these days, especially after we brought her to a Hippo Tour she has been saying “Mama look at that red/green/white double-decker!!” every day on her way to school.I refer to this double-decker quiet book page design but making a few tweaks. I make the passengers as finger puppets that she can play with, and instead of a city background, I wanted to sew the interior of the bus…so that’s it!

Finger puppetssssss!

First time making finger puppets and I COMPLETELY forget I have to make sure the puppet has to be big enough to fit a finger inside!! So this is actually the 2nd batch that I made!

Next, the main part of the double decker!

I made this one first I need to use it as a guide to draw my bus interior. Simply do the cut-out for the body of the bus and two wheels, decorate the bus with colourful flags and the headlight, and we are ready to go! Hoot Hoot!!

Next, on to the Bus Interior!!!

My first attempt to “draw” on felt and just love how it turned out! I sketched the driver seats, some passenger seats, one doorway with staircase the outline on paper and briefly follow through on the stiffened felt. I sewed the chairs on it which makes it look like a real bus.

Finishing the bus!!

I used stiffened felt for the bus it’s still feeling quite soft due to all the cut-outs, so I stitched the bus onto another piece of stiffened felt sheet to make it harder. This is the only step I used the sewing machine as I want to use different colours of thread for the right and wrong side of the bus.

Final touch

Once all components are done, I sewed snap buttons on to both the felt sheet background, the bus and the finger puppets so they can be held in position.

So here’s everything I used for this quiet book page:


  1. Stiffened Craft felt sheets x 1 (Light Purple, for the background)
  2. Stiffened Craft felt sheets x 2 (Flesh and Light Brown, for the finger puppets)
  3. Stiffened Craft felt sheets x 2 (Red and Brown, for the Bus)
  4. Assorted colour of wool blend felt (For all other smaller components, I always keep a bag of felt scraps from previous projects)


  1. Scissors
  2. Needle
  3. Thread
  4. Glue Gun
  5. Sewing Machine

About Singapore Hippo Tour 

If you are interested in bringing your little one to the Hippo tour, the one we took is Original Line (Brown line) which is the cheapest and shortest among all and probably good enough for a toddler. The only thing to note is that they are NOT selling the brown line ticket at the Suntec counter but you have to purchase the ticket online at least one day in advance (they are not selling same-day ticket either).

Thanks for dropping by! You can find more Quiet Book ideas and the making of in my blog. Or follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook. Happy crafting, Happy Parenting! XOXO


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