DIY Toddler Flashcards

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I think I am a bit too particular on how I want Nana’s flashcards to be looking like…I want them to be with real pictures but not cartoons, and bilingual with English and Traditional Chinese, having searched for months I failed to find exactly what I want so I decide to make it myself, and wow, it’s so easy that I can do tens in a day!!

What you need to DIY Flashcards:

  1. Colour Printer
  2. Label Paper, they are usually for address labels etc. and are available in most stationery shops, just remember to buy those that come as a full page without default cuttings
  3. Cardboard, I am using a 400gm cardboard that’s available in ArtFriend
  4. Paper Knife (It happens that hubby has a paper cutter so it’s much easier!!)

How to DIY Flashcards:

  1. List down the vocabularies you want, I started the design with things Nana can see everything, such as dogs, cats, all sort of food, table, chairs etc. Toddlers have a natural interest in animals so do include lots of them!!
  2. The next step is to Google and downloads the pictures I want, this is probably the most time-consuming step, try adding “white background” for pictures with a lighter background and select large size picture for higher resolution.
  3. I then started designing my flashcards by opening up a template of A4 size which matches with the size of my label paper. I did my edits in Photoshop but I think Powerpoint can do a great job too
  4. Draw a frame with 4 cells, put the pictures I downloaded from the web and add the text, I did add some light background coz the white is just way too dull to me…
  5. Print the page on the label paper and stick it to the cardboard, cut according to the frame and tadah~~DIY flashcards are ready!!

Nana loves reading flashcards with Papa as hubby associates almost every card (well except those plant ones) with a funny sound. Over time I started to realize Nana is also memorizing the words on the flashcards and she can take the right card without seeing the picture. When Nana gets older I think I can “upgrade” the cards by printing same stickers but without the picture and put that at the back for her to start learning words. Gonna be fun!

Do let me know if you’re interested in my flashcards! PM your email and I will send you over email. Happy Parenting!

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