DIY Firecrackers with Red Packets

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I mentioned in my other DIY Red Packet post that we always have more than enough brand new red packets at home as merchants give out new ones for free every year, and this year Nana and I turned some of our red packets into firecrackers (Read here if you wanted to understand how firecrackers related to Chinese New Year!)

This is one of the craft projects that I did almost every year when I was young, it looks quite tedious to begin with but once you master one pair, you could finish the whole firecracker quite fast! Nana helped with some of the glueing and tying job for the first 3 pairs and I did the rest on my own in an hour!


  1. Cut one red packet to 10.5CM height;
  2. Cut the red packet into 2 halves, leave some space on the side with print to glue;
  3. Cut out the top cap of the firecracker using the leftover materials (2.7CM diameter circle with 4 extended legs, see the picture #3 below), cut a little hole in the middle;
  4. Roll the paper from step 2 (The one with print) and glue it to become a tube. Tie a knot at one end of the string and pull it through the hole in the middle of the cap from step 3:
  5. Fold the legs of the cap and glue them to the inner wall of the red packet tube;
  6. Glue to rest of legs of the cap, use a pencil to help to fix the position from inside;
  7. Make another set of tube and cap with a second red packet;
  8. Pull the string through the second cap and tie a knot;
  9. Glue the cap to the other red packet tube, and the firecrackers are done!
  10. Place the firecrackers on a centre string and tie it through;
  11. Repeat all the steps to make 10 pairs of firecrackers, each of them would be 4CM apart from the other.

Attached the firecrackers to a couplet, hang it on our chalkboard wall, doodle the lion dance and “tai tau fat”, now we are ready for Chinese New Year!!


  • 20 x Red Packets (New or Used)
  • 10 x 9CM Short Sting (for connecting two firecrackers together
  • 1 x 50CM Long String (for connecting all firecrackers pairs)


  • Scissors 
  • Glue

Thanks for dropping by! Drop me a comment to let me know how you think about my work, or follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook. Happy crafting, Happy Parenting! XOXO


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