DIY Chinese New Year Red Packet

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I used to call them Laisee(利是)when I was in Hong Kong and now called Ang Bao or Hong Bao(紅包)when I moved to Singapore, whatever you call, these red envelopes symbolize blessings and good luck from seniors, a symbol to ward off evil spirit. (I don’t want to pretend I know more than Wikipedia so please check on the link if you wanted to understand more lol)

We always have a large pile of brand new red packets at home, merchants give out new ones for free every year and every year’s red packets designs are getting cuter and cuter!! But I still want to include this in our Chinese New Year crafting projects as crafting with children is always a great way to converse and learn new things together, especially when it’s festive related!!

Next year is the year of the Pig, I found this pig paper cut pattern(剪紙) online, framed it and added back the Chinese year name of 2019(己亥)and made it as the key logo of the design. I picked yellow as the envelop colour instead of traditional red as I want the logo to be painted red. Once the design is done and colours are picked, the rest can be easily done in 1 hour!

Steps (Steps in bold are those done by my 3 years old):

  1. Make the envelope. Cut out using the red packet envelope template (PDF Template here),
  2. Fold according to the fold line and glue the sides together:
  3. Cut the centre logo on label paper using Cricut Explorer (SVG File here);
  4. Paint the logo red using Red washable watercolour;
  5. Wait until the watercolour dries;
  6. Spray the logo with Mod Podge acrylic sealer (Since I am using washable watercolour, I do this additional step to protect the colour fading)
  7. Wait until the sealer dries;
  8. Peel the logo off from the label paper and put it on the envelope, and that’s it!!

What did we chat through the fun:

We made 5 red packets which is good enough for hubby and I to give out to Nana later during Chinese New Year, can’t wait for the next CNY crafting project!!



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