Deer Satchel for Toddler

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I have been eyeing these super lovely satchels on Pinterest for a very long time but Nana wasn’t at the age she would appreciate a bag so I have been holding on to this project until now.

The body of the bag was made of 2mm heather colour craft felt while the other small parts are made of wool blended felt. While the ear, eyes and nose are all hand sewed using blanket stitch, the main body was put together using sewing machine as stitches are stronger (and faster too yay!!).

Added some depth to the bag by cutting out a 1.5cm square corner and sew them together.

I used magnetic button for the opening which is probably the better option for the cute but super impatient little lady lol

The bag is big enough for a pair of sunglass and hair bands, or a small pack of snack for Nana lol

So here’s everything I used for this satchel:


  • 2mm Heather Craft Felt (Brown, for main body)
  • 2mm Heather Craft Felt (Light Brown, for horn)
  • 1mm Wool Blend Felt (Black, White, For ears and eye)
  • Magnetic Button
  • 1cm Ribbon
  • Matching colour DMC Thread


  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle
  • Super Glue (for the eyes and horn)


  1. Cut out 2 pieces of brown 2mm felt sheets for main body of the satchel
  2. Sew the ears to the back piece of the satchel and eyes to the front piece
  3. Sew the front and back pieces on the wrong side and flip it over
  4. Sew the magnetic button and the nose
  5. Glue the horns

I am also starting my #MadeForOurLittleOne project and listed down my weekly sewing project checklist and yay, Week 1 mission successfully accomplished, what’s next?

Do drop me a message and let me know how you feel about this satchel! Happy Sewing!! XOXO

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