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Car Seat Anti-Escape System

I was completely freaked out the first time when I saw Nana pull her hands out from the car seat straps (and I was driving on a highway!!), it’s super dangerous but yeah, you can never make a 20-month-old understand what “dangerous” mean. I am quite sure I am not alone so I started searching for accessories that can stop her from doing so.

Since I didn’t even know what accessories I was looking for I started searching for “car seat safety” on Qoo10 and Amazon and chest clip/bucket showed up, however I was not sold on the idea of chest clips as it doesn’t sound right putting a piece of plastic at child’s chest which is supposed to be still vulnerable to fracture during impact. People also comments on reviews saying their children learnt how to push it down or open the clip in just a few days so this doesn’t sound like an option to me.

I went back to search car seat chest clip safety and found this UK brand called 5 Point Plus who designed a pad that prevents children from pulling their hands out by removing the “gap” at the sides of the harness (they called it “anti-escape system” LOL), wow, it’s really a genius idea and yeah, it’s just another piece of fabric! I couldn’t find a seller in Singapore but luckily they do ship internationally! Ordered in on a Friday and it was delivered in just 2 weeks, tadah~~


It fits super well in my Snapkis car seat and works exactly like I want it do be, yes it’s quite pricey (Including international shipping it cost me $50SGD >.<) to get a piece of nylon but safety is non-negotiable to me so I am willing to pay 10 times more than a chest clip for this, it’s really giving me back my peace of mind when I’m driving alone with Nana 🙂 For those who don’t have a car seat yet can perhaps check out Cosatto, some of their models come with 5 Point Plus installed and their designs are just too cute!!

5 Point Plus also stated that chest chip is actually illegal in Europe, I didn’t dig into that but the case they mention about chest clip can break and pose a laceration and choking hazard during an accident do echo my initial concern over chest clips, whoever is interested can read their article here.

Happy Parenting! ^.^

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