Car Key Pouch

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I made the first car key pouch for hubby using wool felt but the magnetic strap I used wasn’t strong enough, so I decided to make an “upgraded” version for him lol

Instead of felt I used navy colour faux leather which gives a more “adult” look to the design. The car pouch is basically made of a long strap of faux leather using blanket stitch, measured at 5.5cm x 20cm in my case. If you want to custom the design for your car key pouch, the width of strap would be width+thickness+1cm of your car key and length would be 2.8 times the heights of the car key. I replaced also the magnetic strap with a magnetic button which is much stronger.

15min and there it is!! My “customer” is very happy with this custom order and for me? Happy Papa, Happy Mama LOL

So here’s everything I used for this car key pouch:


  • 2mm Faux Leather
  • Magnetic Button
  • Wooden-Like Button
  • Matching colour DMC Thread


  • Rotary Cutter (Preferred)/Scissors
  • Needle


  • Cut 1 long piece of faux leather (5.5cm x 20cm)
  • Fold the bottom part and sew with blanket stitch
  • Sew the button on the top flip
  • Sew the magnetic button

Thanks for dropping by! Happy crafting! XOXO

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