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<Where Are You> is a story about 2 worms (that I thought they are snakes until I realize their tails are round lol, indeed even Book Depository description says they are snakes!!) playing hide and seek in a park. They go down the lily pad, up in an aeroplane, through the pond and pathway until they found each other in the lamp post.

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Nana and I really love this book as Sarah’s illustrations are bright and colourful, the characters and storyline are simple (just 2 worms in a park!) yet there are enough contents for parents to converse with their little ones. I am not a great story teller and the book comes with simple and straight forward narration that a 2 years old toddler can understand, as Nana is now getting familiar with the concept of counting, colour and opposite like big and small I can add in our conversation questions like “how many fishes are there” “which fish is bigger? Green or purple?”. The green and pink worms hide themselves in funny locations which make it a bonus game to get the little ones searching through the page to find them (even hubby failed to locate one of them lol). It’s probably not (yet) a book that is listed as “Top X must read picture books for toddlers” but definitely top of Nana’s bedtime storybook list and she would say,

Mama, I like this book 🙂 #thingsnanasays

The book is available at Book Depository but I got mine in Metrobooks in Hong Kong. O did I say I love Metrobooks’ branch in Times Sqaure? It’s so bright, spacious and the book display setting allows both parents and little ones navigate through and pick the books they like. You can also read before you bring them home. It’s definitely becoming one of our must go places in Hong Kong with Nana.

Happy Reading. Happy Parenting. XOXO.


Where Are You? By Sarah Williamson

Type: Picture Book, Hardcover

Who it’s for: Age 2 +

What it teaches: Colour, Animals, Vehicle, Prepositions

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