Personalized “Have Courage & Be Kind” Diary

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I went back a lot to pen and paper this year, especially when it comes to sketching of designs and meal planning, so when 2019 is coming I want to get myself a new diary to start with. I saw a few designs that I like when I was doing my Christmas shopping but when I got home seeing the stack of unused notebooks that were given during various seminars and events, I was thinking, why don’t I just decorating them and make it my own personalized diary for 2019!

I picked one notebook from the stack with a subtle company logo embossed on it (which you won’t actually see it from a distance) and cut my favourite quote “Have Courage & Be Kind” from Cinderella. 30min from scratch and now I have a personalized diary of my own!

Of coz the notebook doesn’t have any planner weeks on it so I wrote the weeks myself and ta-da~Feel good of giving a new life to something that has been kept at home for too long lol


  • Notebook
  • Vinyl (Metallic Pink and Gold)


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