About Us


/ˈlɛv(ə)rɪt/a young hare in its first year.

Petite Leveret is all about LOVE and HERITAGE. And to us, that means making and crafting for our little one – just like what our parents did for us.

Growing up seeing my dad and mom working on an old Singer sewing machine, making clothes and home items for everyone of us, I never know the true value and meaning of all these until our little girl Nana was born.

She literally turned my world upside down. I started searching (aka pinning like crazy on Pinterest lol) on parenting tips and was really inspired by all the talented parents who make/hack toys and everything for their lil one and that’s how my needlework journey restart, from a family album to quiet book, from felt cloths to quilting, from hand sewing to my own first ever sewing machine, and yes, I am back in love with needlework.

As a working mom it’s never easy (at least to me) to make time for these projects, but I soon realized it’s not that now Nana has something that’s made by Mama to play with, but spending time with my sewing machine helps me to relax after a long day/week/month of hectic work schedule. And I just LOVE looking at Nana playing with everything I made for her, it’s just priceless.

Happy Sewing. Happy Parenting. XOXO.

Daughter. Wife. Mother. Crafter. Analyst.
Hong Kong. Singapore.

Daughter to 2 tailors, learnt needlework since young. Advocate for screen-free parenting.

Born Artist. Musician. Adventurous. Mama’s Muse.

She teaches me more than I could teach her. Not only how to be a mother, but she teaches me how to be a daughter and live out our hearts, picking back up what I loved and continue to love – sewing, crafting, making for our little lady